IX.3.5 and IX.3.24 Pompeii. House of M. Lucretius or Casa delle Suonatrici. 

Combined Room Plan.

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1    Fauces

2    Small room to north of fauces with stairs to upper floor

3    Atrium

4    Cubiculum

5    Cubiculum

6    Ala

7    Access to rooms 8, 9, 10

8    Latrine

9    Kitchen

10   Service Room

11   Room linked to ala

12   Tablinum

13   Ala

14   Triclinium

15   Cubiculum

16   Cubiculum

17   Stairs to upper level

18   Room at top of stairs 17

19   Room or passage with wall painting of writing implements and letter to M. Lucretio

20   Triclinium

21   Corridor

22   Small room

23   Room with latrine

24   Steps to lower level

25   Exedra

26   Garden

27   Stone staircase to upper floor

28   Fauces at entrance IX.3.24

29   Cubiculum

30   Secondary atrium

31   Cubiculum

32   Tablinum

33   Corridor

34   Cubiculum

Altar in south-west of atrium


The room numbers are those referred to on the pompeiiinpictures pages for IX.3.5 and IX.3.24. 

This plan is to help you accurately locate the rooms shown in the photographs of these houses.

Please be aware that the room numbers shown reflect the sequence in which we photographed the rooms and will differ from any other plans or records both published and unpublished.