Pompeii Regio VI (6) Insula 8.

Plan of entrances 1 to 24.

Use the pompeiiinpictures plan of the Insula 8 of Pompeii Regio VI to access the photographs. 

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Pompeii VI.8.1              Pompeii VI.8.2              Pompeii VI.8.3              Pompeii VI.8.4

Pompeii VI.8.5              Pompeii VI.8.6              Pompeii VI.8.7              Pompeii VI.8.8

Pompeii VI.8.9              Pompeii VI.8.10            Pompeii VI.8.11            Pompeii VI.8.12

Pompeii VI.8.13            Pompeii VI.8.14            Pompeii VI.8.15            Pompeii VI.8.16

Pompeii VI.8.17            Pompeii VI.8.18            Pompeii VI.8.19            Pompeii VI.8.20

Pompeii VI.8.21            Pompeii VI.8.22            Pompeii VI.8.23            Pompeii VI.8.24


Casa del Poeta Tragico                 - Casa del Poeta Tragico or House of the Tragic Poet

                                                          Entrance at VI.8.3      Entrance at VI.8.5

Thermopolium                              - Thermopolium at VI.8.8

Thermopolium                              - Thermopolium at VI.8.9

Fullonica of L. Veranius Hypsaeus   - The Fullonica of L. Veranius Hypsaeus

Casa di L. Veranius Hypsaeus         - Casa di L. Veranius Hypsaeus or House of L. Veranius Hypsaeus

Casa della Fontana Grande            - Casa della Fontana Grande or House of the Large Fountain

                                                            or Casa della prima Fontana a mosaico

                                                            or House of Helvius Vestalis

Casa della Fontana Piccola             - Casa della Fontana Piccola or House of the Small Fountain

                                                            or House of the Second Fountain

                                                            or House of the Landscapes