Pompeii Regio VII (7) Insula 15.

Plan of entrances 1 to 16.

Use the pompeiiinpictures plan of the Insula 15 of Pompeii Regio VII to access the photographs. 

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Pompeii VII.15.1              Pompeii VII.15.2              Pompeii VII.15.3              Pompeii VII.15.4

Pompeii VII.15.5              Pompeii VII.15.6              Pompeii VII.15.7              Pompeii VII.15.8

Pompeii VII.15.9              Pompeii VII.15.10            Pompeii VII.15.11            Pompeii VII.15.12

Pompeii VII.15.13            Pompeii VII.15.14            Pompeii VII.15.15            Pompeii VII.15.16


Casa del Marinaio                 - Casa del Marinaio or Casa di Niobe or Casa del Gallo

Granary under VI.15.2           - Granary under the garden of VII.15.2

Domus of A. Octavius Primus  - Domus or House of A. Octavius Primus

Domus of C Iulius Nicephorus - Domus of C Iulius Nicephorus or Dwelling of C Julius Nicephorus