Pompeii Regio VII (7) Insula 14.

Plan of entrances 1 to 20.

Use the pompeiiinpictures plan of the Insula 14 of Pompeii Regio VII to access the photographs. 

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Pompeii VII.14.1              Pompeii VII.14.2              Pompeii VII.14.3              Pompeii VII.14.4

Pompeii VII.14.5              Pompeii VII.14.6              Pompeii VII.14.7              Pompeii VII.14.8

Pompeii VII.14.9              Pompeii VII.14.10            Pompeii VII.14.11            Pompeii VII.14.12

Pompeii VII.14.13            Pompeii VII.14.14            Pompeii VII.14.15            Pompeii VII.14.16

Pompeii VII.14.17            Pompeii VII.14.18            Pompeii VII.14.19            Pompeii VII.14.20


Casa del Cambio                        - Casa del Cambio or Casa del Banchiere or Casa della Regina d’Inghilterra

Casa del Cambio                        - Casa del Cambio entrance to officina tinctoria (Dyer’s workshop)

Casa del Cambio                        - Casa del Cambio entrance to workshop and steps to upper floor

Casa del Cambio                        - Casa del Cambio kitchen entrance

Casa delle Colombe                    - Casa di V. Popidius or Casa delle Colombe

House of L. Caecilius Communis? - House of L. Caecilius Communis or House of M. Stronnius Favorinus?